Delta College Program Philosophy & Vision

  • Become a close knit team that supports each other on and off the field.
  • Become a team that can execute their game as a coordinated and cohesive unit on the field.
  • Compete and train with passion and enthusiasm and prepare for competing at a high level of play.
  • Have fun yet remain disciplined and focused on performing well so we have a legitimate chance to win each game. Practice and train with the expectation that Conference, Regional, and National Championships are part of this team's culture.
  • Create a safe and enjoyable environment that rewards positive behavior and discourages negative behavior.
  • Challenge the young ladies to see their potential beyond their current state and challenge them to believe big enough to achieve their dreams.
  • Build a program that past and future student athletes woud be proud to be associated with.
  • Teach and expect a level of personal control that brings honor to God, the team and their families, the program, the school, and our community.


         We will never expect our student-athletes to embrace more than we as a coaching staff are willing to model.


Delta College Women's Soccer Handbook