Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Delta College has determined there is a need for our student-athletes to have a voice in the development of programs within our athletic department. Delta College Athletics will appoint members to the first Student-Athlete Advisory Committee to provide insight on the student-athlete experience and offer input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes' lives on our campus.

The Student-Athlete Advisory committee will be dedicated to promoting and maintaining student-athlete well-being, academic excellence, personal development and community involvement.  SAAC's goal is to be a voice for Delta College student-athletes while they strive to achieve greatness in the classroom, playing fields and throughout the community.  The SAAC Program wants every student-athletes experience at Delta College to be not only successful but personally rewarding as well.


Delta College SAAC Guiding Principles

The Delta College SAAC will be guided by the following principles: Ethics, Integrity, Fairness, and Respect for diversity, which shall include attention to gender, race, ethnicity and sport.

Mission Statement

The Delta College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, which represents diverse view and backgrounds of student-athletes, is established to serve as a medium of communication through which student-athletes, Delta College representatives, NJCAA representatives and coaches discuss and take action on issues relating to rules and regulations; student-athlete welfare; and community service.


  1. To provide a student-athlete voice within the campus community and to promote communication between student-athletes and the athletics administration.

  2. To provide student-athletes with the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills through campus and community leadership opportunities.

  3. To promote student-athlete involvement in community service projects and events on campus and in the community.

  4. To promote a positive student-athlete image on campus.

  5. Focus on creating unity among student-athletes.

  6. Review potential NJCAA legislation and its impact on the student-athlete.

  7. Advise the College of improvements in procedures that may be of benefit to student-athletic representatives.

  8. Complete other functions as may be determined by the College administration or by members of SAAC, with approval of College administration.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Members

Delta College SAAC representatives will play an important role in bridging the gap between administrative personnel and the student-athlete body at Delta College.  The committee is designed to incorporate ideas and opinions from student-athletes into legislative decisions that will affect our academic and athletic pursuits.  These athletes will develop valuable leadership skills as they address changes in the rules and regulations, organize community service events and build a positive image for collegiate athletes.


Athletic Director Shelly Raube


Women’s Assistant Soccer Coach Brady Amey

Entering his 4th season at Delta. Brad feels leadership is doing the small things to help your team be the best it can be. That may be leading by example on or off the field.  Sometimes the leader is not the popular person but the person that is willing to do what’s right for the good of the whole team.



SES Staff Representative John Neal

True Leadership = Responsibility

True leaders don’t always lead because they want to, true leaders lead because they have to. There will be times that call for you to step up and take charge.  Real leaders recognize that time and seize those opportunities. True leaders don’t react to adversity, they respond with proper attitude. Let’s face it, we cannot bend the universe to our will.  We can’t change people or some situation. Stop reacting to negativity and take the time to respond powerfully.  It’s true, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. True leaders not only create great moments, they thrive in it. Work hard, do research, study your opponents, come in early, stay late, know your limits, have no fear, fall and get right back up. True leaders pay dues, so when the time to shine comes, get your sunglasses, baby.

Faculty Representative - Denise Hill

Associate Professor of English, Denise has been with Delta College since 2005.  She respects the hard work and dedication of the student athlete their sport, but knows that being a member of a collegiate team demands even greater responsibility from each student athlete.  All student athletes are leaders, chosen to represent their college, their team, and their home towns.  Every choice a student athlete makes comes with accepting and upholding that responsibility. Being a true team means making the best choice for athletic and academic success for yourself, for your team, and to be a role model for future student athletes.


Women’s Soccer Angela Reich

Angela is in her 2nd year at Delta and plans on transferring to Central Michigan University next fall to major in dietetics. She wants to attend Graduate school and become a physician’s assistant

Women's Soccer Ali Bourcier

Ali is a freshman going into psychology, with plans to attend Central Michigan University to pursue a degree in Neuroscience to study degenerative diseases once her soccer career is complete at Delta College.

Men’s Baseball Cody Orban

Cody is a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice with plans to become a Michigan State Police Officer.

Men’s Baseball Derrek Clyde

Derrek is a sophomore majoring in Secondary Education and plans on attending Saginaw Valley State University to finish his Baseball career as well as his degree.


Men’s Basketball Jacob Thomann

Jacob is a freshman majoring in Exercise Science with plans to attend a four year school before attending Palmer College.


Men’s Basketball Manny Dosanjh

SAAC Chair

Manny is a freshman majoring in business administration with plans to continue his education and athletic career at a four year institution where he can successfully complete his BBA degree.

Women’s Basketball Jayde Abenth

SAAC Vice Chair

Women’s Basketball Brooke Schutte

Brooke is a freshman majoring in Physical Therapy and plans to continue her studies towards her goal of becoming a physical therapist at a four year university.

Women’s Softball Blake Garner

Blake is majoring in business and plans on transferring to Northwood University or Ferris State University.


Women’s Softball Paige Barber

Paige is a sophmore studying in the physical therapy assistant program at Delta College.

SAAC Executive Coordinator

Men’s Golf Marcus Davila

Marcus is a graduate of Bay City Central High School where he participated in Wrestling and was a member of the Wolves Golf team. As a freshman at Delta, he played primarily in the fifth spot. With steady improvement over the summer, Marcus will start in the number 3 spot and could start higher.

 Men's Golf Erik Dehne

Erik is a graduate of Saginaw Heritage High School where he played on the boy’s golf team. As a member of last year’s Pioneer squad, Erik played in the four spot. He was also recognized as an MCCAA Academic All-State and All-Conference athlete. Expectations are high as he continues to improve his overall game. Erik will start the season as the number two spot on the roster.

Men's Basketball Allante Wheeler   

Allante is a freshman majoring in journalism and emerging media. With big plans to become an active person in business news, live reports and possibly broadcasting news.  Eventually, he would like to do live broadcasting for ESPN.